Certified disposal of x-ray films: experienced and thorough

In order to avoid limitations in your archives caused by old and unnecessary data, we will remove the useless files and efficiently dispose of them. We provide staff, transport and specifically designed containers according to your materials and quantities. We remove your disposable x-ray films and leave your storage facility swept clean. As a certified service provider, exceptional service is not just an idea for us, but an integral part of our daily work. Therefore, we abstain from overly long contracts and “fine print”. Instead we offer guaranteed prices without hidden or additional costs.

Thanks to efficient and environmentally sound waste disposal technology, we are able to recycle precious resources like silver and recyclable synthetic material. We will remove and recycle your old x-ray films free of charge, and compensate you for the recovered materials.


Our terms and conditions for the acquisition of your x-ray films stay stable for long periods of time. We do not dispose according to daily rates on the commodity markets, but according to quantity and quality – perfect for you as our client.

Potential savings

The compensation for x-ray films allows you to earn money with waste disposal and significantly reduce your waste disposal expenses.
We will be happy to provide you with a current acquisition offer.