We respect the protection of sensitive data and the environment

Data from the economic, industrial and medical sectors is highly sensitive. In Germany, companies are legally bound to dispose of x-ray films according to strict rules in order to prevent disclosure of data to unentitled third parties. For this reason we use specially designed, lockable containers, and our entire staff is contractually bound to the secrecy of data.

Our waste disposal methods and locations are documented and can be traced by our clients without limitation.

As a certified waste disposal company we work according to the rules of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz / KrWG), and recycle precious metals like silver or recyclable synthetic material. X-ray films, CT and MRI-films are sorted and cleaned according to their quality. During the cleaning we achieve a recycle rate of nearly 100 percent.


We provide safe waste disposal and offer fast, complete and environmentally sound recycling. We return recyclable material to the industrial cycle.


The recovery of recyclable raw materials not only helps our environment but you as well. We compensate you for your old x-ray films according to quantity and quality.