Recycling of industrial X-ray films means a reward for you

Industrial film recycling made in Germany

We specialize in the recycling of X-ray films and purchase all varieties of industrial X-ray films used in NDT (non-destructive testing). During the recycling process, we recover silver from the films in an environmentally friendly way, and thus are able to compensate you.

At Schmidt + Kampshoff, we focus on Africa and Middle Eastern countries like the United Arab Emirates and Oman as our primary source of industrial X-ray films to recycle.

Request for disposal of industrial X-ray films

Recycling is sustainable

Many industries inspect their manufactured components non-destructively using X-ray processes. This includes machined elements and welding works from aircraft or ship construction, as well as construction or maintenance of pipelines, oil refineries or energy plants. Items such as pumps, turbines, pressure vessels, pipes, freight containers and rotor blades may all be subjected to NDT X-raying. We recycle all types of industrial X-ray films from around the world, recovering valuable silver and plastic, thus contributing to a sustainable, circular economy.

Data protection included

We take care of the entire process: from pick up to shipping to recycling. In the process, we pay very close attention to the protection of your data. As a matter of course, you will receive an international certificate of destruction from us as proof that the sensitive information on the industrial X-ray film has been safely destroyed. In the case that there is a legal retention period for archiving requirements in the respective country, the X-ray films can thereafter be sent for destruction or disposal in accordance with data protection regulations.

This is how we recycle films used in NDT

Your industrial X-ray films contain valuable materials that we can recover through innovative recycling processes in Germany. Follow the path of how silver and plastic are recovered from your old X-ray films.

Please write to, if you would like us to recycle your films.

Silver extraction

Shipping of X-ray films

Since NDT X-ray films are non-hazardous waste, no special treatment or containment is required. We take care of the complete handling and shipping to Germany, where our recycling facility is located.

Arrival at our site

Your industrial X-ray films are transported in sealed safety containers to Rhede, Germany. The protection of your data is guaranteed with a GPS-monitored fleet and staff committed to confidentiality.

Sorting of material

Since only "pure" X-ray film material can go into the recycling process, paper sleeves or sheets have to be separated. These are recycled separately.

Shredding of X-ray films

The old films are then processed by our two shredders. This destroys sensitive information and prepares the film further for the recycling process.

Washing of X-ray films

Within one washing cycle, the plastic components of the shredded film pieces are now separated from their silver-containing coatings.

Separating PET and silver sludge

After washing, PET plastic and silver sludge are separated and treated separately. The clean PET flakes are then ready for the making of new products.

Drying of silver sludge

Water and moisture is extracted from the silver sludge. It is then treated using a state-of-the-art separation system and undergoes further purification by activated carbon filters.

Processing into pure silver

The extraction of the noble metal from silver sludge is carried out by specialised partners. The end result is pure silver that can be used for a variety of industrial and commercial purposes.

Documentation and destruction protocol

Complete documentation and an internationally accepted destruction protocol for the disposal process according to DIN SPEC 66399-3 and ISO/IEC 21964 is standard for us.

X-ray film disposal: Your benefits

  • Fast and fair compensation for your industrial X-ray films
  • Treatment at our certified facility for recycling all types of X-ray films in Germany
  • Sustainability and environmental protection through state-of-the-art recycling processes
  • Full service offered for handling your X-ray films (collection, shipment, recycling)
  • International certificate of destruction for your documentation
  • Compliance with strict European data protection requirements (data protection certificate according to DIN SPEC 66399-3 / ISO/IEC 21964, protection class 1 to 3-, security levels P7, F7, P4)
  • Decades of experience in international X-ray film disposal and recycling
  • Due to our affiliation with REMONDIS, one of the biggest waste management companies in the world, we can offer a huge scope of logistics and waste disposal services

15 kg

There are about 15 kilograms of silver in 1 ton of film material.

30 years

We look back on 30 years of experience in international industrial film recycling.

3000 tons

3000 tons of X-ray films per year are recycled in our own certified facility in Germany.

From shipping to recycling

Outside Europe, we assist you with our know-how gained from our many projects in Africa and Asia. We also lay the foundations for door-to-door shipments with our network of transport service providers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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