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In-house facility for recycling X-ray images

Certified utilisation of X-ray images

We have a certified disposal facility on our Schmidt + Kampshoff company premises in Rhede, North Rhine-Westphalia. We sort ourselves and undertake professional destruction in accordance with DIN SPEC 66399-3 and ISO/IEC 21964, recovering valuable raw materials in the process.

Request X-ray film disposal

All types of X-ray films

We recycle all types of films: analogue and digital X-ray films, e.g. computer tomography films (CT films), mammography films, magnetic resonance imaging films (MRI films), screen films, duplicating films, fluoroscopy films, microfilms, monitor films, dental X-ray films and industrial films. We will also be happy to advise you on disposal solutions for all other types of films.

Delivering X-ray images safely

You can deliver your X-ray films directly to Schmidt + Kampshoff. We will be happy to assist you with safe transport or shipping. We recycle your X-ray films in accordance with data protection regulations and return valuable resources to the economic cycle. As a certified waste management company, we fully document the entire recycling process for you.

Closed recycling process

As a certified waste management company, Schmidt + Kampshoff recycles your X-ray films in an all-round closed process: from collection to transport to recycling, we strictly adhere to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Genera Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Silver extraction

Collecting of X-ray films

We collect X-ray films throughout Germany with lockable data security containers (DSB). For deliveries from abroad, we support you with transport or shipping.

Monitored transport

Guaranteed security for your data with our own drivers, GPS-monitored fleet, lockable data security boxes (DSS) and staff committed to confidentiality.

Sorting of film material

Permanent employees sort the X-ray films according to type and quality. For film recycling, we use only proper waste films. Paper envelopes are recycled separately.

Shredding of X-ray films

The old films are shredded by our two granulators. This destroys sensitive information and prepares the materials for the further recycling process.

Washing of X-ray films

Within one wash cycle, the plastic components of the shredded film pieces are separated from their silver-containing coatings.

Separating PET and silver sludge

After washing, PET and silver sludge are separated and treated separately. The 100 % clean PET flakes are then available for the production of new products.

Drying of silver sludge

Excess water is extracted from silver sludge, which is treated using a state-of-the-art separation system and purification by activated carbon filters.

Processing into pure silver

The extraction of the noble metal from silver sludge is carried out by specialised partners. The end result is pure silver that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Documentation and destruction protocol

Complete documentation including a collection receipt and, upon request, a destruction protocol of the disposal process in accordance with DIN SPEC 66399-3 and ISO/IEC 21964 is imperative for us.

Guaranteed safety through the highest standards

  • Certified waste management company according to KrWG
  • Data protection certificate according to DIN SPEC 66399-3 / ISO/IEC 21964 (protection class 1 to 3-, security levels P7, F7, P4)
  • GDPR-compliant throughout the entire recycling process
  • Commitment to confidentiality and secrecy in accordance with § 203 StGB (German Criminal Code)
  • Company-owned recycling plant, approved in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BimSchG)
  • Legally audited contract for order processing in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR
  • Complete documentation with collection receipt and destruction protocol of the recycling process in accordance with DIN SPEC 66399-3 and ISO/IEC 21964
  • Video surveillance, access controls and alarm systems
  • Collection with lockable data security containers (DSB) and special vehicles (GPS-monitored)
  • Compliance with all requirements of the Federation/Federal States Waste Working Group (LAGA)

3000 t

We recycle almost 3000 tonnes of X-ray film annually in our own facility.


We treat analogue X-ray films and microfilms according to the highest possible security level 7.

100 %

Through professional recycling, we achieve a recovery rate of almost 100 percent.

Remuneration according to quantity and quality

As one of Europe's largest recycling companies for X-ray films, Schmidt + Kampshoff has been recovering silver and plastic for customers in medicine, business and industry for over 30 years. For the recycling of X-ray images, we offer a transparent and fair remuneration according to quantity. If desired, we invoice after processing the recovered silver.